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Thank you and Goodbye

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

After eight wonderful years, the time has come for us to finish growing Sommerlad chickens. Producing these wonderful birds in the way we have done is complex and labour intensive, and the business needs to reach a larger size and scale to be truly sustainable. The next stage would require infrastructure such as an abattoir, boning room and hatchery as well as significant expenditure on marketing.

However, these require much more time, risk and investment than we can justify at this stage of life. The response from you, our customers, has continually delighted and surprised us, and the passion from chefs, butchers & CSA members has shown the future is bright for high welfare, pasture-raised poultry.

We are excited about returning our farming efforts to previous pursuits – as well as growing food, travelling and spending lots of time with family.Thank you for your generous and heart-felt support along the way.


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