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Milking Yard Farm is now closed.

Thank you for your support over the last eight years.



Q1. Why is my delivery 'over-weight' this week?

Being naturally grown, the weight of our birds vary, and it’s difficult to make them exactly the same!  However, averaged over a longer term, they do have a predictable weight range.  So, some months your birds might weigh more than we agreed, and for other months, they may weigh less.  To account for variations we keep detailed records, so we can ensure you receive your full entitlement over time.



Q2. Why did I get a different bird to the type I ordered?

We anticipate that sometimes we may not be able to give you the exact type of bird you requested.  For a range of reasons, we may have fewer of one type of bird available at any given time.  Once again, we keep records of this, so that – whenever possible – you get exactly what you requested.



Q3. When do I need to pay?

Typically you’ll receive an invoice approximately two weeks before delivery. This gives you time to pay prior to us planning and loading for processing. If you would rather avoid the hassle of paying each month, you can set up direct debit with your bank, or leave your card details on payment gateway, via Square Payments.  This way, your account can be debited automatically debited – one week prior to delivery day, each month.



Q4. Can I change my order?

Where possible, we are happy to accommodate special orders or amendments.  However, we do ask for at least one week’s notice.  If you would like different types of birds - or to have them prepared differently, please let us know via email.




Q5. What about if I’m on holidays?

If you are travelling or going on holidays and won't be available to take your order, we try to accommodate changes.  However, please let us know as far in advance as possible.



Q6. What is a delivery hub?

 To help reduce costs, we are setting up delivery hubs around Victoria.  If there are a few members in one geographic area, we might ask if you would consider becoming a delivery hub. This means that one Member in an area takes delivery for a few others – enabling the delivery charge to be ‘split’.  As the cartons are insulated with ice packs, they don’t need to be stored in the fridge.  But we do ask that they be kept in a cool, shady spot.



Q7. What are these new cartons made of?

Rather than using the traditional polystyrene, we are using new packaging called Woolcool. The thick wool blankets and chiller blocks enable your delivery to stay below 5C for up to 24 hours. This means that we can drop your carton even if you are not at home. The best part is that the Woolcool packs and the ice packs are fully reusable. To help us reduce costs – and save the planet - we ask for you to return them, to be reused.  We will let you know more about how to do this very soon.  In the meantime, please don’t throw them away!



Q8. How do I get the most out of the CSA?

CSAs work best when members are well informed and taking part where possible.  They are a tiny community of people, who are passionate about how their feed is produced, and what they eat.  We will send you regular updates via email and social media about our progress growing your food.



Q9. What about a Facebook Group?

 We are also creating a private Facebook group for those of you that use it. This is a great way to communicate amongst the group such as sharing recipes, cooking tips, ask questions or learning more about how your food is produced. We will invite you to join the group soon!

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