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Our History

After waking up in the city one Sunday morning, searching for an alternative to working long hours, eating out and going to the movies, we found ourselves taking a scenic drive toward the Daylesford Macedon area, to the sleepy township of Trentham.


The area is known for its ‘cool’ winters, rustic old buildings, and warm welcoming community. Being a farmer’s son, and having grown up with tractors and cows, the ‘call of the wild soon rekindled in Bruce’s heart, and even managed to intrigue Rozzy’s ‘city girl’ imagination.

Months of searching led us to land with a lake, rolling hills, lush pasture and deep red soil belonging to Bill, a salt of the earth dairy farmer. We fell in love with the look of the soil, and the idea of turning the piece of dairy farm into a paradise of naturally grown, clean food.


Over the last few years, planting trees, repairing fences and building a home have occupied nearly every weekend. What began as a 'weekender' has now become a full-time passion and we find ourselves embarking on the next chapter of our journey — growing beautiful, old-style ‘Sommerlad’ chickens for our customers.

You must try this exceptional Australian produce hero folks. It will change your viewpoint on food”.


—Paul Wilson, Wilson & Market

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