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Our Philosophy

At Milking Yard Farm, the welfare of our animals and sustainable farming practices are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to be certified for our animal welfare standards by PROOF – Pasture Raised On Open Fields


Our chickens are a very special breed called Sommerlad; reminiscent of the famous Bresse and Label Rouge chickens from France. They are a unique, slow growing breed rich in flavour and texture and unlike the chicken available to you in supermarkets. Our birds are grown to 70 to 100 days of age, instead of the standard 35 day on industrialised factory farms. The result is meat that is firm and packed with old fashioned flavor and nutrients.

PROOF Pasture Raised on open fields lice

The Sommerlad is perfectly suited to foraging. We make their environment and pasture as close to natural forest habitat as possible, and they thrive in small batches, roaming freely, grazing on grubs, greens, grits and grains. Without hormones or antibiotics, they live healthy, happy and stress-free, in an environment which meets the highest standards for the treatment of chickens. At night they return to their cosy mobile housing, which protects them from weather, temperature, rain and predators. These purpose-built huts keep them warm in winter and cool in Summer.


Not surprisingly, the result is a pure, ethically raised, healthy food that tastes sensational!  And we are delighted to have been recognised in 2015, 2016 and 2018 by Delicious Produce Awards as well as winning the 2016 Australian Food Awards Champion Poultry Trophy. 

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The spectacular Sommerlad chicken from Milking Yard Farm is now a permanent feature on our menu”.


—Cutler & Co


My husband said it was the best chicken he has ever eaten. My family tell me they’ll only eat chicken if it’s Milking Yard Farm. 

— Celia, Victoria

Amazing texture & flavour!

— Mish, Macedon

Sending you a platinum star for such tasty chooks.

— Tim

Our guests drifted back to childhood and commented it was just like a chicken of ‘yesterday’. 

— Monica

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